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Title Year Dramatist Auspices
Page of Plymouth 1599 Dekker & Jonson Admiral's
Pageant for Sir Alexander Avenon 1569 Peele, James Unacted
Pageant for Sir Christopher Draper 1566 Peele, James London
Pageant for Sir Martyn Calthrop 1588 Peele London (civic pageant)
Pageant for Sir William Chester 1560 Clarke London
Painful Pilgrimage, The 1567 Anon. Court
Painter's Daughter, The 1576 Anon. Warwick's at Court
Palamon and Arcite 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Palamon and Arcite, Part 1 1566 Edwards, Richard Christ Church, Oxford
Palamon and Arcite, Part 2 1566 Edwards, Richard Christ Church, Oxford
Panecia 1574 Anon. Leicester's at Court
Pandorae Pyxis Unknown Anon. (Unknown) Unknown
Paradox 1596 Anon. Admiral's
Paris and Vienna 1572 Anon. Westminster School
Parliament of Birds, The 1545 Anon. Unknown
Parricide, The / Revenge for Honour 1624 Anon. (misattrib. Chapman) Prince Charles's (I)
Parroiall (Pareil?) of Princes 1641 Anon. Unknown
Passion of Christ, The 1561 Ashton, Thomas Shrewsbury
Pastor Fido 1635 Digby Closet
Pastor Stapilton 1656 Stapylton (?) Unknown
Pastoral Tragedy, A 1599 Chapman Admiral's
Peaceable King, or Lord Mendall 1623 Anon. Prince Charles's (I)
Pelops 1588 Richard Lateware St. John's, Oxford
Perseus and Andromeda 1574 Anon. Merchant Taylors Boys
Petronius Maximus 1821 Hoax n/a
Phaeton 1598 Dekker Admiral's
Phedrastus 1574 Anon. Sussex's
Phigon and Lucia 1574 Anon. Sussex's
Philemon and Philecia 1574 Anon. Leicester's at Court
Philenzo and Hippolyta 1660 (S.R.) Massinger Unknown
Philip of Spain 1602 Anon. Admiral's
Philipo and Hippolito 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Philotas 1588 Lateware St. John's, Oxford
Phocas 1618 Bernard Magdalen College Hall
Phocasse (Focas) 1596 Anon. Admiral's
Phyllida and Corin 1584 Anon. Queen's (Elizabeth)
Pierce of Exton 1598 Chettle, Dekker, Drayton, & R. Wilson Admiral's
Pierce of Winchester 1598 Dekker, Drayton, & R. Wilson Admiral's
Pilades and Horestes (Folger MS X.d.391) 1620 (?) Anon. Unknown
Pirate, The 1626 Davenport Queen Henrietta Maria's(?)
Pity the Maid 1653 Anon. Unknown
Plantation of Virginia, The 1623 Anon. Prince Charles's (I)
Play about the Duke of Florence (BL Add MS 88878) 1630s? Anon. (Webster? Shirley?) Unknown
Play against the Ministers 1565 Anon. Haddington School, East Lothian
Play by Sir Percival Hart's sons 1565 Sir Percival Hart's sons Whitehall
Play made by Robert Sempill 1568 Sempill, Robert Court at Edinburgh
Play marred by an affray at Norwich 1583 Anon. Queen's Men at the Red Lion (Norwich)
Play of Abraham and Isaac 1564 Anon. Oxford
Play of a Maiden's Suitors 1599 Anon. Unknown
Play of Heresies 1560 Anon. Magdalen College, Oxford
Play of Nebuchadnezzar 1562 Anon. Donington, Lincolnshire
Play of Oswald (BL MS Egerton 2623) 1600? Anon. Unknown
Play of Perkin Warbeck 1618 Anon. Unknown
Play of Plays and Pastimes 1582 Anon. Theater
Play of Poore 1618 Anon. Christ Church, Oxford
Play of the Saxons 1617 Anon. Unknown company at Bristol (Lady Elizabeth's? Palsgrave's?)
Play of Thieves and a Gullible Tapster c.1605 Anon. Unknown
Play ("of yonge horton") 1597 Haughton Admiral's and Pembroke's
Politic Queen, or Murder Will Out 1623 Davenport King's (?)
Pompey 1581 Anon. Paul's
Pontius Pilate 1597 Anon. Pembroke's ?
Poor Man’s Paradise, The 1599 Haughton Admiral's
Pope, Cardinals, Friars 1598 Anon. High School, Edinburgh
Pope Joan 1592 Anon. Strange's
Portia 1594 Kyd Closet (?)
Portio and Demorantes 1580 Anon. Sussex's
Praise at Parting 1577 Gosson, Stephen Leicester's at Theatre (?)
Predor and Lucia 1573 Anon. Leicester's at Court
Prince Henry’s Welcome to Winchester ? ? Winchester
Princely Lovers 1638 Anon. Beeston's Boys
Prisoners, The 1640 Massinger Unknown
Processus Satanae 1575 Anon. Limebrook, Herefordshire
Prodigal Scholar 1629 Randolph Trinity, Cambridge
Prodigality 1567 Anon.
Progne 1566 Calfhill, James Christ Church, Oxford
Projector Lately Dead 1634 Anon. Unknown
Proud Maid’s Tragedy 1612 Anon. Lady Elizabeth's
Ptolemy 1578 Anon. Bull Inn
Puer Vapulans 1581 Murgetrode Jesus College, Cambridge
Puritan Maid, the Modest Wife, and the Wanton Widow 1623 Middleton Unknown
Pythagoras 1596 Anon. Admiral's

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