Theater historians rely on a variety of documents for information about titles of plays and authorship; one category of such documents are playlists compiled by stationers or others knowledgable about holdings in personal or institutional libraries. This page provides access to transcriptions and digitisations of such documents.

Playlists and dramatic excerpts

Archer's List (1656)

Beeston's List (1639)

Brooke's List (1658)

Excerpts from Cotgrave's The English Treasury of Wit and Language (1655)

Harington's List (c.1612)

Hill's List of Early Plays in Manuscript (c.1677-1703)

King's Men repertory list (1641)

Marriott's List (1653)

Henry Oxinden's list (ca. 1663-65)

Rogers and Ley's List (1656)

Warburton's List (c.1682-1759)

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