Rogers and Ley's List (1656)

The following transcription is a play list from sig.[L3]r-[M]v of the 1656 quarto of Thomas Goffe's play The careles shepherdess a tragi-comedy acted before the King & Queen, and at Salisbury-Court, with great applause / written by T.G. ; with an alphebeticall catologue of all such plays that ever were printed. London : Printed for Richard Rogers and William Ley, and are to be sould at Pauls Chaine ..., 1656.

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All images by Brett Greatley-Hirsch, reproduced by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library

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Sig.[L4]v Sig.[M]r Sig.[M]v

All images by Brett Greatley-Hirsch, reproduced by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library


An exact and perfect Catologue of all Playes that are Printed.


ALarum for London, or the siege of Antwerp.
Albovin King of Lombardy, by Davenant.
Alchimist, Iohnson.
All fools, Chapman.
Alphonsus King of Aragon.
Angry women of Abington.
Apias and Virginia.
Atheist Tragedy, Cyril Teudor.
Alexander and Campaspe.
Alexandrian Tragedy.
All for mony.
Amends for Ladies·
Antonio and Melida, Marston.
Arraignment of Paris.
Arden of Feversham.
Andrew, Terence.
Aristippus, Randolph
All's lost by lust, Masinger.
As you like it, Shakspear.
Alls well that ends well.
Antonio and Cleopatra.
Abrahams Sacrifice.
Agamemnons Tragedy.
Apollos shroving.
Adrasta, or the womans spleen.
Antigone, or the Theban Princes
Aglaura, Suclin.
Amintus, or the unpossile dowry.
Argulus and Parthenia Glapthorn
Arviragus and Philicia.
Arcadia, Sherly.
Antipodes, Brome.
Albertus walenstine, Glapthorn.
Alaham, Lord Brooks.
Alphonsus Emperor of Germany, Chapman.


Blinde begger of Alexandria.
Burt Mr. Constable.
Brazen Age.
Bussy dambois.
Battel of Alcazar, or the death of Stukely.
Bondman, Messenger.
Biro's Conspiracy. Chapman·
Broken Hart, Ford.
Bird in a cage, Sherly.
Barthollomew faire, Iohnson·
Ball, Sherly.
Beggers bush, B.
Bloody banquet, T. D.
Bride, Thomas Nabs.
Bondman, Fletcher.
Bonduca, Flet cher.
Bastard a Tragidy.
Brothers, Sherly:


Cambises King of Persia.
Case altred, Johnson
Coblers prophesies.
Cyrus King of Persia.
Catelin, Johnson.
Caesars Tragedy, Sterlin.
Caesar and Pompey, Chapman.
Chast Maid of Cheapside, Middleton.
Christian turn'd Turk, Daborne.
Cynthius Revels, Fountaine.
Cynthius Revenge.
Conflict of conscience, Wood.
Cornelius Tragidy.
Common conditions.
Cressus Tragidy, Sterlin.
Cromwells history.
Cruell brother.
Cupids whirligig.
Cupids Revenge, Beoment Flet.
Cleopatra, May.
Cleopatra Daniel.
Comedy of errors, Shakepear.
Coriolanus, Shakspear.
Cincbiline, Shakspear.
Costy whore.
Coragious Turk.
Challenge for beuty.
Cid two parts.
Conspiracy, Killegrew.
Captaine, Beoment.
Changes, or love in a maze.
Contention for honour & riches.
Chabot Admirall of France.
Covent Garden.
City match.
Coronation, Fletcher.
Constant maid.
Claracilla, Killigrew.
Country Captaine.
Chances, Beamont.
Coxcomb, Beamont.
Cleomon Knight of the Shield
Custome of the country.
Colas fury or Licendas misery.
Cardinall, Sherly.
Changling, Middleton.
Claudius tiberus nero.
Court begger.
City wit, Brown.
Combat of love and friendship.
Committy man, Currie.
Cunning Lovers.
Chinon of England.


Devills charter, or the life of
Pope Alexander.
Dam on and Phithias.
Darius history.
David and Bathsheba.
Darius Tragedy.
Dido Queen of Carthage.
Disobedient childe.
Devils Law case.
Dr. Dottipo.
Dutch curtizan, Marston.
Dumb Knight.
Dutches of Malfie.
Dutches of Suffolk.
Duke of Millaine.
Devils an asse. B. J.
Dukes Mistresse. Sherly.
Dick Scorner,
Discontented Collonel.
Double Marriage.
Distracted State.
Doubtfull heire.
Damsell, Brome.


Eastward ho. B. J.
Edward 1. Long. Shanks.
Edward 2 Shakspear.
Edward 3 Shakspear.
Edward 4 Shakspear.
Every man in his humor. man out of his humor.
Every woman in her humor.
English traveller, Heywood.
Emperor East, Messenger.
Elder Brother, Fletcher.
Enuchus terence.
Enough as good as a feast.
Example, Sherly.


Faire quarrel.
Family of Love.
Faire maid of the west.
Faithfull Shepheard.
Faithfull Shepheardesse.
Faustus life and death.
Fanne, Marstone.
Fleere sharpham.
Fox, B. Johnson.
Friar Bacon· Green.
Four London Prentices, Heyw:
Fine compagnion, Shakerly. Me:
Fidele and fortunio.
Four Pes.
Fulgius and Lucrell.
Fatall Dowry.
Fancies, J. Ford.
False one, F. Beament·
Four Plays in one, B. F.
Fuimus tries the true Trojans fortune both by Land and Sea.


Gentleman of verona.
Gorbuduck, or Ferex and Procex.
Gammer Gurtons needle.
Galatea, Lilly.
Gentle craft, Holiday.
Glasse of Government.
Giles Gooscap.
Golden age, Heywood.
Gratefull servant, Sherly.
Greens tu quoque cookt
Game at Chesse.
Great Duke of Florence.
Goblins sucklin.
Gamester, Sherly.
Guise, Marstone.
Gardian, Cowly.
Ghost, or the woman wears the breeches.


Herod and Antipater.
Hog hath lost his Pearl.
Honest Lawyer.
Humor out of breath, Chapman.
Humerous Courtier, Sherly.
Hamlet Prince of Denmark.
Henry the 4. both parts. Shakspear.
Henry 5 Shakspear.
Henry 6 three parts. Shak-spear.
Heny 8 Shakspear.
Heire, May.
Hofmans Tragedy.
Honest whore both parts.
How to choose a good wife from a bad.
Hymens triumph.
Haniball and Sc pio.
Hollands League.
Hide park.
Hercules furiens.
Hercules Oteons.
Humerous Livetenant.
Honest mans fortune.
Hieronimo both parts.
Hector of Germany.


Jack drums entertainment.
Jack Straws life and death.
If this be not a good Play the Devils in't.
Just Italian, Davenant.
Jacob and Esau.
Jack jugler.
Jew of Malta,
If you know not me you know no body.
Isle of Gulls.
Insatiat Countesse.
Jocasta. Gascoine
John King of England both parts.
Julius Caesar, Shakspear.
Julius Caesar, Sterling.
Iron age both parts.
Impatient potency.
Jealous lovers, Randolph.
Imperiale, Freeman.
Island Princes, B F.
Just generall, Cosmo Muche.
Joviall Crew, or merry beggers.
Jovall Crew, Shepheard.
Imposter, Sherly.
Julia and Agripina.


King and no King, Fletcher.
Knack to know an honest man.
Knack to know a knave.
Knight of the Golden Shield.
King Charles Tragedy.
King John and Matilda.


London or the harbor of health.
Langartha, Henry Burrel.
Law tricks, or who would have thought it.
Lords and Ladies of London.
Locrinus Tragedy.
Looking glas for London & England.
London Prodigall, Shakspear.
Leyre and his three daughters. Shak:
Lawes of nature Moses and Christ.
Liberality and prodigality.
Like to like quoth the Devil to the Collier.
Look about you or run red cap.
Loves Loadstone.
Lovers melancholy.
Loves Sacrifice.
Loves Mistresse, Heywood.
Loves Riddle, Lowly.
Loves Cruelty, Sherly.
Loves Pilgrimage, B. F.
Loves metamorphosis.
Loves labor lost.
Love and honour.
Love in an extasie.
Loves cure of martiall madnesse.
Loves progresse.
Lusty Juventus.
Lady of pleasure.
Lost Lady.
Little French Lawyer.
Loyall subject.
Laws of Candy.
Lanchashiere witches.
Lady errant.
Loyall lovers, Cosmo muche.
Love sick King, Brewer.


Male content, Marstone.
M. T. Cicero.
May day, Chapman.
Mad world my Masters.
Marchant of Venice.
Marius and Scilla.
Mariamne Tragedy.
Manhood and misrule,
Mary Magdelens repentance, B. H
Match me in London.
Maids of Mortlake.
Maids metomorphosis.
Maids Tragedy, Fletcher.
Maids in the mil.
Maids revenge, Sherly.
Maids of honour.
Midsummer nights dream.
Maid in the mil.
Millers daughter of Manchester.
Misery of enforct marriage.
Mother Bomby, Lilly.
Much adoe about nothing.
M[...]rastes the turk.
Mustapha, Lord Brooks.
Midas, Lilly.
Measure for measure, Shakspear.
Mackbeth, Shakspear.
Moor of Venice, Shakspear.
Maidenhead well lost, Heywood.
Mad lover, Fletcher.
Mariage of wit and wisdome.
Massacre of Paris.
Mercurius Brittanicus, Brathwa.
Microcosmus, Nabs.
Martyr, Lower.
Muza, Barron.
Match at midnight.
Muses looking glasse. Randolph.
Martyrd souldier, Sherly.
Monsier Thomas, B. F.
Massalina, Rich.
Monsier D'Oliva. Chap.
Michaelmas Terme, Chapman.
Masque of the gentlemen of Grays In
Maguetick Lady.
Mad couple well met, Brome.


New custome.
No body and some body.
Nero Tragedy.
New Inne, Johnson.
Northern lasse, Brome.
Night walker.
Ninives repentance.
Noble Gentlemen. B. F.
Nice valour or the passionate madman
Noble stranger, Sherly.
Novella, Brome.
New trick to cheat the Devil.


Orlando furioso.
Old wifes tales.
Octavias Tragedy.
Octavias Tragi Comedy.
Aedipus. Orestes.
Opportunity, Sherly.
Ordinary, Cartwright.


Pedlers prophesie.
Patient Grissel.
Player whipt,
Pericles Princ of Tire.
Phoenix in her flames.
Philotus in Scotch.
Philotus, Daniel.
Philaster, B. F.
Poetaster, Johnson.
Promus and Cassandria.
Promises of God manifested.
Pinder of Wakefield.
Picture, Messinger.
Perkin warbek.
Play of the Netherlands.
Pitty shee's a whore.
Prisoners, Killigrew.
Pilgrim, B. F.
Passionate lovers two parts.
Pastor fido 12.
Pastor Stapilton.


Queens Arcadia, Daniel.
Queen of Aragon. Habington
Queen of Corinth.
Queen or the exelency her sex.


Returne from Pernascus.
Revengers Tragedy.
Roaring girle, or Mol cutpurse.
Robert Earl of Huntingtons downfall.
Rape of Lucrsse.
Richard the 2.
Richard the 3. Shakspear.
Robin hoods Pastorall,
hoods Comedy used in may games.
Roman Actor, Messinger.
Rome and Juliet.
Robin conscience.
Royall king and loyall subject.
Royall slave, Cartwright.
Rivall friends, Hasted.
Rodn and Iris knevit.
Rollo Duke of Normandy, Fletcher.
Rule a wife and have a wife, Fletcher.
Ram Ally.
Revenge of Bussy, Damboise.
Revenge for honour.


Slanas Tradigy.
Silver Age.
Soliman and Persida.
Summers last Will and Testament.
Sapho and Phao. Lilly.
Scornfull Lady.
Scotch Hist. James the 4.
Sejanus, Johnson.
Silent Woman, Johnson.
Supposes, Gascoine.
Swetman, the woman hater arraign'd.
Secillides a Piscator.
School of Complement.
Sophy Tragidy. Sherly.
Staple of Newes.
Springs glory.
Strange discoveries.
Shepherds Holiday,
Spanish Curat.
Sea Voyage.
Shoemaker a Gentleman.
Shoemakers Holiday.
Sophister, A Comedy.
Sparages Garden.
Seven Champions.
St. Patrick for Ireland. Sherly.
Swaggering Damsell, Chamberlen.
Scots Figaries.
Seidge or Loves Convert.
Sicily and Naples, or the Fatall union.
Sad Shephard, Johnson.
Spanish Gypsies.
Scots politick Presbyter.
See me, and see me not.


Tamberlaine, both parts.
Tancred and Gismond.
Thery and Theodoret.
Trick to catch the old one.
Two Tragidies in one.
Two wise men, and all the rest fooles.
Taming of a Shrew. Shakes:
Three English Heroes.
Titus and Andronicus.
Triall of Treasure.
Troiles and Cresida.
Tide tarries for no man.
Triumph of peace.
Tempest, Shakespeare.
Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Two Noble Kinsmen.
Twelfth night.
Timon of Athens.
Thirtes interlude.
Thiertes Tragedy.
Totnam Court.
Trick to cheat the Devil.
The longer thou livest, the more foole thou art.
Triumph of Beauty.
The Life of John the Baptist.


Valiant Scot.
Untrussing the humerous Poet.
Virgin Martyr.
Vertuous Octavia.
Unnaturall Combat.
Vow-breaker, Sampson.
Unfortunate Mother.
Valiant Welchman.
Unfortunate Lovers. B. F.
Virgin Widdow.
Valentine, Fletcher.


Widdowes tear.
Woman in the moon.
Womans hater.
Woman kill'd with kindnesse.
Woman is a weathercock.
Warning for fair women.
Wedding, Shirley.
Wealth and health.
Weakest goes to the wall.
Westward hoe.
What you will Marston.
Whore of Babylon.
Wiats History.
Wily beguild.
Wit of a woman.
Woman will have her will.
World lost at Tennis.
Winters Tale.
Woman never vext.
Wits W: Daven:
Wonder of a Kingdome.
Wise woman of Hogsdon. Heywood.
Wit without mony. B. F.
Wine, Beer, and Ale.
Womans prize.
Wit in a Constable.
Woman pleasd, or the Tamer tam'd.
Wife for a month.
Wit at severall weapons.
Widdow, by Midleton.
Wild Goose Chase.


Your faire Gallants,
Yorkshire Tragidy.
Young Admirall.