Chettle, Henry

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Title Year Auspices
Agamemnon 1599 Admiral's
All Is Not Gold That Glisters 1601 Admiral's
Arcadian Virgin 1599 Admiral's
Black Bateman of the North, Parts 1 and 2 1598 Admiral's
Catiline's Conspiracy (Catiline) 1598 Admiral's
Chance Medley 1598 Admiral's
Christmas Comes but Once a Year 1602 Worcester's
Conquest of Brute, Parts 1 and 2 1598 Admiral's
Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass) 1600 Admiral's
Damon and Pithias 1600 Admiral's
Danish Tragedy 1602 Admiral's
Earl Godwin and His Three Sons, Parts 1 and 2 1598 Admiral's
Famous Wars of Henry I and the Prince of Wales 1598 Admiral's
Felmelanco 1602 Admiral's
Funeral of Richard Coeur de Lion, The 1598 Admiral's
Hot Anger Soon Cold 1598 Admiral's
Jane Shore 1600 Worcester's
Lady Jane, Part 1 1602 Worcester's
Life of Cardinal Wolsey, The 1601 Admiral's
London Florentine, Parts 1 and 2 1603 Admiral's
Love Parts Friendship 1602 Admiral's
Orestes' Furies 1599 Admiral's
Orphans Tragedy, The 1599/1600 Admiral's
Pierce of Exton 1598 Admiral's
Rising of Cardinal Wolsey, The 1601 Admiral's
Robert II, King of Scots (The Scot's Tragedy) 1599 Admiral's
Sebastian, King of Portugal 1601 Admiral's
Seven Wise Masters, The 1600 Admiral's
Spencers, The 1599 Admiral's
Stepmother’s Tragedy, The 1599 Admiral's
Tis No Deceit to Deceive the Deceiver 1598 Admiral's
Tobias 1602 Admiral's
Too Good to Be True 1602 Admiral's
Troilus and Cressida 1599 Admiral's
Troy’s Revenge, with the Tragedy of Polyphemus 1599 Admiral's
Vayvode 1598 Admiral's
Woman’s Tragedy, The 1598 Admiral's
Wooing of Death, The 1600 Admiral's