All Is Not Gold That Glisters

Henry Chettle (1601)

Historical Records


To playwrights in Philip Henslowe's diary

Fol. 86 (Greg, I.135)

Layd owte at the a poyntment of Samwell }
Rowley vnto harey chettell in parte of paymente } xxxxs
for a Boocke called al is not gold yt glesters }
the last of mrche 1601 some of . . . . . . . . }

pd vnto harey chettell the 6 of aprell }
1601 in full payment of a Boocke called } iiijli
al is not gold that glisters at the a }
poyntment of Samwell Rowley some of }

Theatrical Provenance

Authorized by Rowley as a representative of the Admiral's men, the play would have been presented at the Fortune playhouse in late spring 1601.

Probable Genre(s)

Comedy? (Harbage)

Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

The proverb that doubles as title for the play is a warning "against trusting an attractive outward appearance" (Wiggins, Catalogue #1280).

References to the Play

None known.

Critical Commentary

Greg II noted wryly that "[n]othing is known of this piece" (#216, p. 217).

Wiggins, Catalogue adds that Abraham Hill had seen a manuscript by 1678 (#1280).

For What It's Worth

Chettle worked on several plays with proverbial titles: "Tis No Deceit to Deceive the Deceiver," "Christmas Comes but Once a Year," "Love Parts Friendship," and "Too Good to Be True."

Works Cited

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