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Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Brute Greenshield Admiral’s
Anon. Friar Fox and Gillian of Brentford Admiral’s
Anon. Play of a Maiden's Suitors Unknown
Anon. Tristram de Lyons Admiral’s
Anon. Turnholt Unknown
Chapman, George World Runs on Wheels, or All Fools but the Fool Admiral’s
Chapman, George Four Kings, The Admiral’s
Chapman, George Pastoral Tragedy, A Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Orphans Tragedy, The (1599/1601) Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Troy’s Revenge, with the Tragedy of Polyphemus Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry; Dekker, Thomas Agamemnon Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry; Dekker, Thomas Stepmother’s Tragedy, The Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry; Dekker, Thomas Troilus and Cressida Admiral’s
Chettle; Dekker; Jonson (& Marston?) Robert II, King of Scots (The Scot's Tragedy) Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry; Haughton, William Arcadian Virgin Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry; Porter, Henry Spencers, The Admiral’s
Day, John; Haughton, William Cox of Collumpton Admiral’s
Day, John; Haughton, William Thomas Merry (Beech’s Tragedy) Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas Bear a Brain, or Better Late Than Never Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas First Introduction of the Civil Wars of France, The Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas (& Chettle, Henry?) Orestes' Furies Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas; Jonson, Ben Page of Plymouth Admiral’s
Drayton, Michael William Longsword (William Longbeard) Admiral’s
Drayton, Hathaway, Munday, Wilson Sir John Oldcastle, Part 2 Admiral’s
Haughton, William Poor Man’s Paradise, The Admiral’s
Heywood, Thomas Joan as Good as My Lady Admiral’s
Heywood, Thomas War without Blows and Love without Suit (or Strife) Admiral’s
Porter, Henry Two Angry Women of Abington, Part 2 Admiral’s
Porter, Henry Two Merry Women of Abington Admiral’s
Ruggle, George (?) Re Vera, or Verily Clare Hall, Cambridge
Wilson, Robert Henry Richmond, Part 2 Admiral’s

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