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NB: The playlists in Philip Henslowe's Diary for 1597 serve as place-holder for the date of lost plays first mentioned in those lists unless otherwise documented. Entries for the relevant plays discuss issues of chronology in detail.

Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Alice Pierce Pembroke’s and Admiral’s
Anon. Burbon (i.e. Bourbon?) Pembroke's, then Admiral's
Anon. Black Joan Pembroke’s (?) (Admiral’s in 1598)
Anon. Branhowlte (Brunhild) Pembroke’s (?) and Admiral’s
Anon. Comedy of a Duke of Ferrara unknown
Anon. Cobbler of Queenheath, The Pembroke’s and Admiral’s
Anon. Five Plays in One (Admiral's) Admiral’s
Anon. Frederick and Basilea Admiral’s
Anon. French Comedy, A Admiral’s
Anon. Friar Spendleton Pembroke’s and Admiral’s
Anon. Guido Admiral’s
Anon. Hardicanute (Canute) Pembroke's (?), then Admiral's
Anon. Henry I, Life and Death of Admiral’s
Anon. Jeronimo Admiral's
Anon. Martin Swarte, His Life and Death Admiral’s
Anon. Osric Admiral's
Anon. Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins, The Strange's? Chamberlain's?
Anon. Time's Triumph and Fortune's Admiral's
Anon. Uther Pendragon Admiral's
Anon. Woman Hard To Please, A Admiral’s
Anon. Witch of Islington, The Admiral's
Drayton, Michael; Munday, Anthony. Mother Redcap Admiral’s
Nashe & Jonson Isle of Dogs, The Pembroke’s
Slater, Martin Alexander and Lodowick Admiral’s

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