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Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Oldcastle, Sir John Chamberlain’s
Anon. Cloth Breeches and Velvet Hose Chamberlain’s
Anon. Give a Man Luck and Throw Him into the Sea Unknown
Anon. Like unto Like Pembroke's
Anon. Lost Muse, The Court’s visit to Blackfriars
Anon. Play of Oswald (BL MS Egerton 2623) Unknown
Anon. Roderick Pembroke's
Anon. Tartarian Cripple, The (Emperor of Constantinople) Unknown
Boyle, William Jugurtha, King of Numidia Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Damon and Pithias Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Wooing of Death, The Admiral’s
Chettle; Day; Dekker Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass) Admiral’s
Chettle; Day; Dekker; Haughton Seven Wise Masters, The Admiral’s
Day, John Italian Tragedy (Admiral's) Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas Fortune's Tennis Admiral’s
Dekker, Thomas Truth’s Supplication to Candlelight Admiral’s
Dekker; Drayton; Hathway; Munday; Wilson Fair Constance of Rome, Part 1 Admiral’s
Drayton; Hathway; Munday; Wilson Sir John Oldcastle, Part 2 Admiral’s
Drayton; Hathway; Munday; Wilson Owen Tudor Admiral’s
Hathway Fair Constance of Rome, Part 2 Admiral’s
Haughton, William Devil and his Dame Admiral's?
Haughton, William English Fugitives, The Admiral’s
Haughton, William Ferrex and Porrex Admiral’s
Haughton; ‘Mr Pett’ Strange News Out of Poland Admiral’s

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