Ferrex and Porrex

William Haughton (1600)

Historical Records

Payments to Playwrights (Henslowe's Diary)

F. 68 (Greg I.119)

Lent vnto wm harton the 18 of march 1599
in earneste of a Boocke called ferex & porex
the some of..................xxs
william haughton
Lent vnto wm harton the 25 of march 1599
in earneste of his Boocke called ferex &
porexe the some of............vs

F. 68v (Greg I.120)

Lent wm harton at the apoyntment of Robart shawe
the 3 of march 1600 in earneste of a Boocke called
ferex & porex the some of....................vijs

(The placement of the above entry in the Diary suggests that it was written in April rather than March.)

Receaued of Mr Henshlowe in behalfe of the Company
to pay Will: Haulton in full payment of his
play of ferrex & Porrex iijll vs J iijs......iijll iijs
by me Robt Shaa

Payments, Miscellaneous (Henslowe's Diary)

F. 69 (Greg 1.121)

pd for licencynge of a Boocke to the mr
of the Revelles called ferex & porex......vijs

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