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Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Absalom Worcester’s
Anon. Pontius Pilate Admiral's
Anon. Baxter's Tragedy (Barkstead's Tragedy) Chapel
Anon. Berowne (also Burone, & Biron) Worcester’s
Anon. De Humfredo Aulico Confessionem Repudiante St. Omers
Anon. Earl of Hertford Admiral’s
Anon. Fortune's Tennis, Part 2 Admiral’s
Anon. Mortimer Admiral’s
Anon. Philip of Spain Admiral’s
Anon. Royal Widow of England, A Chapel
Anon. Spanish Fig, The Admiral’s
Anon. Stuhlweissenburg (or The Capture of Stuhl-Weissenburg) Unknown
‘Antony (Wadeson? Munday?) the poet’ Widow's Charm, The Admiral’s
Bird; Haughton; Rowley, S. Judas Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Danish Tragedy Admiral’s
Chettle, Henry Tobias Admiral’s
Chettle; Dekker; Heywood; Webster Christmas Comes but Once a Year Worcester’s
Chettle; Hathway; Smith, Went. Too Good to Be True Admiral’s
Chettle; ‘Mr. Robinson’ Felmelanco Admiral’s
Chettle; Dekker; Heywood; Smith, Went.; Webster Lady Jane, Part 1 Worcester’s
Chettle; Smith, Went. Love Parts Friendship Admiral’s
Davies, John (& Lyly?) Harefield Entertainment Egerton, Sir Thomas (host)
Day; Haughton Friar Rush and the Proud Woman of Antwerp Admiral’s
Day, John Bristow Tragedy Admiral’s
Day; Hathway; Smith, Went. As Merry as May Be Admiral’s
Day; Hathway; Smith, Went.; & ‘the other poet’ Black Dog of Newgate, Part 1 Worcester’s
Dekker (& others?) Lady Jane, Part 2 Worcester’s
Dekker, Thomas Medicine for a Curst Wife, A Worcester’s
Dekker; Munday Jephthah Admiral’s
Dekker; Drayton; Middleton; Munday; Webster Two Shapes Admiral’s
Drayton; Middleton; Munday; Webster Caesar's Fall Admiral’s
Haughton, William William Cartwright Admiral’s
Heywood, Thomas (‘additions’ by) Cutting Dick Worcester’s
Heywood; Smith, Went. Albere Galles Worcester's
Heywood; Smith, Went. Marshal Osric Worcester's
Hobbes, Thomas Medea Unacted
Jonson, Ben Richard Crookback Admiral’s
Juby, Edward; Rowley, Samuel Samson Admiral’s
Massey, Charles (?) Malcolm, King of Scots Admiral’s
Middleton, Thomas Randall, Earl of Chester (Chester’s Tragedy) Admiral’s
Munday, Anthony Set at Tennis, The Admiral’s
Rowley, Samuel Joshua Admiral’s
Shaw, Robert (?) Four Sons of Aymon, The Admiral’s (Prince’s in 1624)
Smith, William Freeman's Honour, The Chamberlain’s
Smith, Wentworth Three (or Two) Brothers, The Worcester’s
Vennar, Richard England's Joy Unacted

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