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Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Buck is a Thief King’s
Anon. (Massinger, Philip ?) Dutch Painter, and the French Brawl Prince Charles's (I)
Anon. Foolish Ambassador, The King’s
Anon. Peaceable King, or Lord Mendall Prince Charles's (I)
Anon. Plantation of Virginia, The Prince Charles's (I)(?)
Anon. Resolute Queen Unknown (amateur)
Anon. Troublesome Statesman, The Prince Charles's (I)
Anon. Valiant Scholar Lady Elizabeth’s
Anon. Vow and a Good One Prince Charles's (I)
Anon. Welsh Traveller Red Bull Co. (Rev.) (?)
Anon. Which is the Best Girl? Unknown
Bonen, William Crafty Merchant, or Come to My Country House Lady Elizabeth’s
Bonen, William Two Kings in a Cottage Palsgrave’s
Brome, R.; Jonson, Ben. Jr. Fault in Friendship, A Prince Charles's (I)
Carleton, Thomas Henrico 8 Douay
Davenport, Robert Fatal Brothers King’s (?)
Davenport, Robert Politic Queen, or Murder Will Out King’s (?)
Day, John; Dekker, Thomas Bellman of Paris Prince Charles's (I)
Day, John Come See a Wonder Company of Strangers at the Red Bull
Fletcher, John Devil of Dowgate, or Usury Put to Use King’s
Gunnel, Richard Hungarian Lion, The Palsgrave’s
Maynard, John York House Masque Court
Middleton, Thomas Puritan Maid, the Modest Wife, and the Wanton Widow Unknown
Rowley, Samuel Hard Shift for Husbands, or Bilbo’s the Best Blade Palsgrave’s
Rowley, Samuel Richard III, or the English Prophet Palsgrave’s
Rowley, William Nonesuch, The King’s (?)
Rowley, William Fool Without Book, The King’s (?)
Rowley, William Four Honorable Loves, The King’s (?)
Shirley, Henry Duke of Guise Unknown
Shirley, Henry Dumb Bawd King’s
Shirley, Henry Giraldo, the Constant Lover Unknown
Shirley, Henry (?); Ford, John (?) Spanish Duke of Lerma King’s
Smith Fair Foul One, or Baiting of Jealous Knight “Strangers” at Red B.
Simons, Joseph (?) King Robert of Sicily St Omers
Smith, William St. George for England Unknown

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