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Plays associated with the Admiral's Men.
<blockquote>ADMIRAL'S MEN, 1587-1589, 1592, 1594-1599, 1599 ADD., 1600-1603
<br><br>''Active:'' 1585-1603, and one of the two leading companies 1594-1603.
<br><br>''Patron:'' Charles Howard, 2nd Baron Howard of Effingham, Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral (1536-1624).
<br><br>''Principal Actor:'' Edward Alleyn (1566-1626).
<br><br>''Landlord and Financier:'' Philip Henslowe (d. 1616).
<br><br>''Theatres:'' the Theatre, 1590-1591; Newington Butts, ''c''. 1591 (?); Rose, 1594-1600; Fortune, 1600-1603. Continued after 1603 as Prince Henry's Men.</blockquote>
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Plays associated with the Admiral's Men.


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