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This list is sortable: click the icon next to "Dramatist", "Title", or "Auspices" to sort the list alphabetically/chronologically. Blue links = entry has been created for this title.

NB: The playlists in Philip Henslowe's Diary for 1592 serve as place-holder for the date of lost plays first mentioned in those lists unless otherwise documented. Entries for the relevant plays discuss issues of chronology in detail.

Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Bendo (or Byndo) and Richardo Strange's
Anon. Muly Molocco Strange’s
Anon. Brandimer Strange's
Anon. Tamar Cham, Parts 1 and 2 (See also 1596) Strange's, then Admiral's
Anon. Tanner of Denmark, The Strange's
Anon. Titus and Vespasian Strange's
Anon. Sir John Mandeville Strange's
Edes, Richard (& Lee, H.? or Lyly?) Second Woodstock Entertainment, The Court
Anon. Zenobia Strange's
Anon. Pope Joan Strange's
Anon. Clorys and Orgasto Strange's
Anon. Constantine Strange's
Anon. Cosmo Strange's
Anon. Four Plays in One Strange's
Anon. Harry of Cornwall Strange's
Anon. Jerusalem Strange's
Anon. Machiavel Strange's
Anon. Spanish Comedy of Don Horatio, The Strange's

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