Dekker, Thomas

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Title Year Auspices
Agamemnon 1599 Admiral's
Antonio and Vallia 1620 Red Bull (players)
Bear a Brain, or Better Late Than Never 1599 Admiral's
Believe It Is So and Tis So 1629 Unknown
Bellman of Paris 1623 Prince Charles's (I)
Black Bateman of the North, Part 1 1598 Admiral's
Bristow Merchant 1624 Prince's
Chance Medley 1598 Admiral's
Christmas Comes but Once a Year 1602 Worcester's
Civil Wars of France, Parts 1, 2 and 3 1598 Admiral's
Conan, Prince of Cornwall 1598 Admiral's
Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass) 1600 Admiral's
Spanish Moor's Tragedy, The 1600 Admiral's
Earl Godwin and His Three Sons, Parts 1 and 2 1598 Admiral's
Fair Constance of Rome, Part 1 1600 Admiral's
Fairy Knight 1624 Prince Charles's (I)
False Alarm 1624 Lady Elizabeth's
Famous Wars of Henry I and the Prince of Wales 1598 Admiral's
First Introduction of the Civil Wars of France 1599 Admiral's
Fortune's Tennis 1600 Admiral's
Gustavus, King of Swedland 1624 Unknown
Guy of Warwick, Life and Death of 1620 Unknown
Hannibal and Hermes 1598 Admiral's
Jephthah 1602 Admiral's
Jew of Venice, The 1653 (before) Unknown
Joconda and Astolso 1624 Unknown
Lady Jane, Parts 1 and 2 1602 Worcester's
Late Murder in White Chapel, or Keep the Widow Waking 1624 Prince Charles's (I)
Madman's Morris, The 1598 Admiral's
Medicine for a Curst Wife, A 1602 Worcester's
Orestes' Furies 1599 Admiral's
Page of Plymouth 1599 Admiral's
Phaeton 1598 Admiral's
Philenzo and Hippolyta 1620 Red Bull (players)
Pierce of Exton 1598 Admiral's
Pierce of Winchester 1598 Admiral's
Robert II, King of Scots (The Scot's Tragedy) 1599 Admiral's
Sebastian, King of Portugal 1601 Admiral's
Seven Wise Masters, The 1600 Admiral's
Stepmother's Tragedy, The 1599 Admiral's
Triangle (or Triplicity) of Cuckolds, The 1598 Admiral's
Troilus and Cressida 1599 Admiral's
Truth's Supplication to Candlelight 1600 Admiral's
Two Shapes 1602 Admiral's
White Moor, The 1629 Unknown
Worse Afeared Than Hurt 1598 Admiral's