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Title Year Dramatist Auspices
Macchiavel and the Devil 1613 Daborne Lady Elizabeth's
Machiavel 1592 Anon. Strange's
Mack, The 1595 Anon. Admiral's
Mad for a Head 1641 Anon. Unknown
Mad Priest of the Sun, The 1588 Anon. Unknown
Madcap 1624 Barnes Prince Charles's (I)
Madman's Morris, The 1598 Dekker, Drayton, & R. Wilson Admiral's
Madon, King of Britain 1606 Beaumont (?) Unknown
Mahomet 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Maiden's Holiday, The 1593 Day & Marlowe (attrib.) Unknown
Malcolm, King of Scots 1602 Massey Admiral's
Mamillia 1573 Anon. Leicester's at Court
Mandeville, Sir John 1592 Anon. Strange's
Man in the Moon Drinks Claret 1621 Anon. Prince Charles's (I)
Marcus Geminus 1566 Matthew, Toby Christ Church, Oxford
Marquis d’Ancre 1617 Anon. Unknown
Marshal Osric 1602 Heywood & Went. Smith Worcester's
Martin Swarte, His Life and Death 1597 Anon. Admiral's
Masque and a Show 1565 Anon. Hampton Court
Masque at Baynard's Castle 1562 Anon. Baynard's Castle, London
Masque at Clothworkers' Hall 1560 Anon. Clothworkers' Hall
Masque at Gray's Inn 1588 Anon. Gray's Inn
Masque at Holyrood 1562 Anon. Holyrood
Masque at the Inner Temple 1562 Brooke, Arthur Inner Temple
Masque at Sackville House 1564 Anon. Sackville House
Masque at Spilsby 1564 Anon. Spilsby
Masques at York House 1565 Anon. York House, London
Masque of Actaeon, Diana, and Six Nymphs 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Amazons, or The Ladies' Masque 1618 Anon. Court
Masque of Amazons, A 1579 Anon. Court
Masque of Apollo, the Nine muses, and Lady Peace, A 1572 Anon. Court
Masque of Barbarians 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Boys, A 1577 Anon. Court
Masque of Clowns 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Cupids 1614 Middleton Merchant Taylors Hall
Masque of Gentlemen (Masque of Tilters) 1565 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Hunters and the Nine Muses 1565 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Italian Women 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Knights, A 1579 Anon. Court
Masque of Ladies and Boys 1583 Anon. Court
Masque of Nusquams with Turkish Commoners 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Patriarchs 1560 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Satyrs 1565 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Scots 1604 Anon. Court
Masque of Six Seamen 1583 Anon. Court
Masque of Switzers (or Masque of Swiss) 1564 Anon. Scottish Court
Masque of Wise and Foolish Virgins 15676 Anon. Whitehall
Masque of Women 1567 Anon. Whitehall
Masques for Christmas and Shrovetide 1568-9 1568 Anon. Hampton Court & Whitehall
Masques for Sir William Holles 1569 Anon. Houghton, Nottinghamshire (?)
Masques planned for Shrovetide 1565 1565 Anon. Whitehall
Massinissa and Sophonisba 1565 Anon. York House, London
Match or No Match 1624 S. Rowley Palsgrave's
May-Game of Martinism, The 1589 Nashe Children of Paul's (Unacted)
May Lord 1613 Jonson Unknown
Medea 1602 Hobbes Unacted
Medicine for a Curst Wife, A 1602 Dekker Worcester's
Meleager, Publii Ovidii Nasonis 1580 Anon. Paul's
Merchant Adventurers' Entertainment, The 1616 Jonson William Cockayne's House
Merchant of Emden, The 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Messanissa 1638 Anon. Unknown
Middle Temple Masque 1617 Anon. Middle Temple
Midsummer Show 1584 Grafton Yorkshire
Miller, The 1598 Anon. Admiral's
Minerva’s Sacrifice (or The Forced Lady) 1629 Massinger King's
Mingo (or Myngs) 1577 Anon. Leicester's at Bristol
Moore’s Masque 1636 Anon. Eastgate, Oxford (near)
Moorfields 1638 Anon. Unknown
Mortimer 1602 Anon. Admiral's
Mortimer His Fall 1637(?) Jonson, Ben Unacted
Mother Redcap 1597 Drayton & Munday Admiral's
Mulmutius Dunwallow 1598 Rankins Admiral's
Mutius Scaevola 1577 Anon. Chapel and Windsor at Court
Muly Molocco 1592 Anon. Strange's
Murder of Darnley and the Fate of Bothwell 1567 Anon. Stirling Castle
Murderous Michael 1579 Anon. Sussex's

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