Mutius Scaevola

Anon. (1577)

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Historical Records

Historical Records

Government Documents

Accounts of the Office of the Revels

The Paynters daughter showen at Hampton Court on St Stevens daie
at night, enacted by th'erle of warwickes seruntes
Toolie showen at Hampton Court on St Iohns daie at night enacted by the
Histories &          } Lord Howardes seruauntes.
Invencions          }   vj       The historie of the Collyer showen at Hampton Court on the Sundaie
showen within  } folowing enacted by th'erle of Leicesters men
the tyme               }   viz   The historie of Error showen at Hampton Court on Newyeres daie at
aforesaid               } night, enacted by the Children of Powles.
The historye of Mutius Sceuola showen at Hampton Court on Twelf
daie at night, enacted by the Children of windsore and the Chappell
The hystorye of the Cenofalles showen at Hampton Court on Candlemas
day at night, enacted by the lord Chamberleyn his men.

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