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REED's siteplan of Gray's Inn, from the REED Patrons and Performances entry for Gray's Inn

Plays/performances associated with Gray's Inn (Inn of Court, Middlesex).

According to the REED Patrons and Performances entry:

Located on the most northerly site of the 4 Inns, the main entrance to Gray's Inn is now on the W side of Gray's Inn Road (formerly Portpoole). The 16th c. range includes the gabled hall and chapel on the N side of the S square. Later buildings lie to the N around a second larger square or around the gardens.

The REED entry notes that

A notable account of the Gray's Inn Christmas Revels mentions a performance of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors in 1594-5. One early 17th c. record indicates the appearance of the trumpeters of the lords of the Council at Gray's Inn.

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