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Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Angel King Palsgrave’s
Anon. Fair Star of Antwerp Palsgrave’s
Anon. Honour in the End Palsgrave’s
Anon. Spanish Contract, The Lady Elizabeth's
Anon. Spanish Viceroy, The King’s
Anon. Parracide Prince’s
Anon. Play of Paul of Japan St. Omers
Anon. Whore in Grain Palsgrave’s
Anon. (Richard Gunnell?) "Govell's" Masque Palsgrave’s
Barnes, (William?) Madcap Prince’s
Cobbes, James? Romanus Unknown (King's?)
Davenport, R. and Shakespeare, William (attrib.) Henry I King’s
Davenport, R. and Shakespeare, William (attrib.) Henry II King’s (?)
Day, John Honest Citizen, The Prince’s
Dekker, T.; Ford, J. Bristow Merchant Prince's
Dekker, T. (?); Ford, J. London Merchant Palsgrave’s (?)
Dekker, T. (?); Ford, J. Fairy Knight Prince’s (?)
Dekker; Ford; Rowley, W.; Webster, John Late Murder in White Chapel, or Keep the Widow Waking Prince’s
Dekker, Thomas False Alarm Lady Elizabeth’s
Dekker, Thomas Gustavus, King of Swedland Unknown
Dekker, Thomas Joconda and Astolso Unknown
Drue, Thomas Late Murder of the Son upon the Mother Unknown
Drue, Thomas Love Me or Love Me Not Palsgrave’s
Gunnell, Richard Way to Content All Women, or How a Man may Please his Wife Palsgrave’s
Maynard, John Burleigh Masque Burleigh-on-the-Hill
Rowley, Samuel Match or No Match Palsgrave’s
Rowley, William Bee, The King’s
Shank, John Shank's Ordinary King’s

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