Henry Oxinden's list (ca. 1663-65)

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The following is a play list from the miscellany of Henry Oxinden of Barham, Kent, who recorded the titles of printed plays in his possession (Folger MS V.b.110).

Oxinden's List.jpg
Photograph by Brett Greatley-Hirsch; reproduced by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library. See the full MS in the Folger's Digital Collections.


Tragedy of Tancred & Gusman
Miseries of enforced marriages
Titus & Andronicus
The Weakest goeth to the Wall
Tragedy of Sophonisba.
The famous history of Sr Tho Wyat
The Alchemist
Greenes Tu quoque
Desperation of Spera 1581
The merry [devil] of Edmonton. 1612.
The dumb Kt. 1608
If this be not a good play the [devil] is in it
Tragedy of Dido 1594
Tragedy of Ed: 2. by Chri Marlow. 1598 [manicle]
Yorkshire Tragedy 1608
Edward Longshankes 1593
Hamlet Prince of Denmark 1603.
Tragedy of Darius. 1603.
Cornelia. 1594.
A woman kild with kindnes by Tho: Heywood. 1607.
Alphonsus K of Arragon. 1599.
The battell of Alcazar in Barbary 1594 [manicle]
Arden of Feuersham 1592
Two Tragedies in one 1601.
Cataline his conspiracy. 1611.

Tragedy of Soliman & Perseda 1599
A game of chess
3 London Ladies 1592.
Albumazar. 1614.
The Life & death of the Lord Cromwell 1613.
The warres of Cyrus King of Persia. 1594.
Loues mistris 1636.
How to chuse a good wife from a bad 1630.
Vittoria Corombona. 1612.
The first part of K Ed
The second part
The insatiate Countess 1613. by John Marston
The Spanish Tragedy 1615.
The Palsgraue 1615
Richard the second by Shakesphere 1615.
The Story of K. Darius 1565

The faithfull Shepherdess John Fletcher
Westward Hoe by Tho: Decker & John Webster 1607
The taming of a shrew 1594
Wily beguilde. 1606
When you see mee you know mee 1605
The woman hater 1607
Roister Doister
Sr GilesGooscapkt 1606
The family of loue 1608
The History of y° 2 maides of Moreclack 1609.
What you will by John Marston 1607
Northward Hoe 1607
A trick to catch the old one 1608. by T M.
2d Part of Henry the 4th 1600
Scottish history of James the 4th by Rbt Greene 1598
Chronicle history of Hen. 5. 1600.
1st part of Sr John oldcastle 1600
1stt Part of the Chronicle between the 2 famous houses of York & Lancaster 1594.
The history of King Leer & his 3 daughters 1605.

The fair mayd of the Exchange 1607
Humour out of breath 1608, by John Day
Euery woman in her humour. 1609
Troylus & Cresseid. 1609.
The Case is altered Ben Johnson 1609
Vertumnus 1607
The Spanish Tragedy
Romeo & Iuliet.
The old wiues tale. 1595.
The gentle craft. 1600.
A warning for fair women. 1599
The Dutch curtezan. 1606
The fawn, by John Marston. 1606
Eastward Hoe. 1605.
Two angry women of Abyngton 1599.
The millers daughter of Manchester
Euery man out of his humour.
Bussy de Ambois 1608.
Selimus Emperor of the Turkes 1st part. 1594
Byrons Consperay 1594 2 playes [manicle]
Tragedy of Mustapha.

1st part of Antonio & Mellida
Alexander & Campaspe
Dr Dodypoll
Blurt Mr Cunstaple
of Pasquill & Katherine
The Coblers prophecy
The Conuerted Curtezan
The Phoenix
The 5 gallants
The faithfull Shepherd
The English brothers
Michaelmas terme
Piner of Wakefeild
The gentleman Vsher
The Foxe
old Fortunates
The Comdy of Mucedorus
No Body & Some body

The ualiant Welshman
Dauid & Bersabe
Reign of K Ed. 3.
The ReuengersTragedy
The Atheists Tragedy
Lusty Iuuentus
Gamar Gurtons Needle
Tyde tarrieth for no man
Exchange ware at the 2d hand
Hogg hth lost his pearle
Monsieur Doliue
Englishmen for my mony . .
A woman will haue her Will
The golden Age
Comedy of King Cambyses
The History of Clyomon
The 4 prentises of London
The Siluer Age
The Brazen Age
See Mee & see mee not
May Day

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