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Much of what is known about Samuel Rowley is documented in the diary of Philip Henslowe. His name ("same," "Samuell Rowlye") appears in various lists of Admiral's company members (e.g., Fols. 3, 44v). He witnessed transactions (e.g., Fol. 233), authorized payments (e.g., Fol. 52v), and wrote plays (e.g., Fols. 85, 107). He also collaborated with William Bird in 1602 on additions to Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe (Fol.108). Surviving plots confirm several of his roles (see below). With his fellow Admiral's men, Rowley became a member of the Prince's men in 1603, then Palgrave's men following the death of Prince Henry in December 1612. Rowley died in 1624. His will identifies his residence in White Chapel, his survivors (wife, daughter, and grandchildren), and substantial properties including books and real estate (Honigmann and Brock, p. 138).


Heraclius in "Frederick and Basilea"
An ambassador in the Admiral's revival of The Battle of Alcazar, C. 1602
Ascalon, Crymm in part 1 of "Tamar Cham".
Part unnamed in "2 Fortune's Tennis"

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