Sir John Oldcastle, Part 2

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Michael Drayton, Richard Hathaway, Anthony Munday, Robert Wilson (1600)

Historical Records

Henslowe's Diary, Payments

F. 65 (Greg I.113):

this 16 of october 99
Receved by me Thomas downton of phillipp
Henchlow to pay mr monday mr drayton & mr wilsson
& haythway for the first parte of the lyfe of
Sr Jhon Ouldcasstell & in earnest of the
Second parte for the vse of the compayny
ten pownd J say receved ... 10li

Theatrical Provenance

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Probable Genre(s)

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Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

John Foxe describes the execution of Sir John Oldcastle in Lincoln's Inn Fields in 1419 (Actes and Monuments... or Booke of Martyrs. The Variorum Edition. Sheffield: hriOnline, 2004. Web).

The Oxford DNB includes the life of Oldcastle.

References to the Play

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Critical Commentary

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For What It's Worth

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Michael Drayton, Richard Hathaway, Anthony Munday, Robert Wilson

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