Madon, King of Britain

Beaumont, Francis (?), c.(1606)

Historical Records

Stationers' Register

29 June 1660 (SR2, 2.271, CLIO)

Hum. Moseley
Entred for his copies under the hand of MASTER THRALE warden, the severall plays following that is to say . . . . xiijs

. . .

The History of Madon, King of Brittain, by F. Beamont.

Theatrical Provenance

Unknown. If the play really were by Beaumont, it might have belonged to the Children of the Queen's Revels or alternatively the King's Men.

Probable Genre(s)

Pseudo-History (Harbage); History (Wiggins).

Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

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References to the Play

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Critical Commentary

Chambers noted that "Madan is a character in Locrine, but even Moseley can hardly have ascribed that long-printed play to Beaumont" (3.233).

For What It's Worth

Unfortunately Moseley's registration of the title is also the only grounds for ascribing the play to Beaumont, and Moseley's ascriptions are far from certain. In this same batch of entries he registered "King Stephen', "Duke Humphrey", and "Iphis and Ianthe" to Shakespeare, and 6 years earlier he had registered "The Maiden's Holiday" to Marlowe and Day. Moseley seems to have had a number of old playscripts in his possession, one of which may well have actually been by Beaumont -- and as Wiggins (1608) notes, a number of plays dealing with early British history at the end of the first decade of the 17th century -- around the time Beaumont was most active -- makes the existence of a "Madon" play at least plausible.

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