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David McInnis, University of Melbourne
Matthew Steggle, University of Bristol
Misha Teramura, University of Toronto

Editor Emerita

Roslyn L. Knutson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Advisory Board:

Jeremy Lopez, University of Toronto
Sally-Beth MacLean, University of Toronto; Director of Research/General Editor, REED
Lawrence Manley, Yale University
Lucy Munro, King's College, London
Tom Rutter, University of Sheffield

In Memoriam

Ian Donaldson, University of Melbourne
R. A. Foakes, UCLA



Wiki Development:

This project began in 2009 with volunteer work by the following students:

Dilanjan Abeysiriwardena, Kar-Yee Wong, Tony Hui, Thomas Chong, Susan Wang, Timothy Chong.
School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne.

Between 2014-16, the LPD received funding from the Australian Research Council as part of David McInnis's Discovery Project, "Insights from the Invisible Drama: Shakespeare, Lost Plays and Theatre History, c.1585-1613" (#DP140102297). This funding has been instrumental in securing permissions and enabling the digitisation of numerous unique documents and historical artefacts pertaining to lost plays, as listed here: Licensing Terms for Externally Provided Content. We are grateful to the ARC for this financial support.

In 2018 the look of the site was redesigned by Andru Vallance. The new logo was created by Brett Greatley-Hirsch, and the banner image is taken from C. Walter Hodges' "Cutaway view into the Second Globe playhouse. Pen and ink, ca. 1973." (LUNA, Folger Shakespeare Library). It is used under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.


Between 2009-2015, the Lost Plays Database was hosted by the Faculty of Arts on their server at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
In 2015, the LPD migrated to the Nectar cloud (based at the University of Melbourne).
In 2018, the LPD migrated to the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC and became a Folger Resource.