Untitled play by Francis White

Francis White (1617)

Historical Records

Peter Heylyn refers to an untitled play by White in his memoirs when he writes that on 08 March 1616/17, "My English Tragedy cald Spurius was acted privatly (as Mr Whites & Mr Bernards plaies were) in the presidents Lodgings" (Bodleian, MS Wood E.4, art.4, fo. 22v; REED Oxford 1.422).

Theatrical Provenance

Performed in the president's house in Magdalen College, sometime prior to 08 March 1617.

Probable Genre(s)


Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

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References to the Play

Only Heylyn's reference, above.

Critical Commentary

See Wiggins (1820), who refers to it as "Academic Play".

For What It's Worth

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Works Cited

REED Oxford 1

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