Supposed Inconstancy

Anon. (>1653)

Historical Records

Entered on Marriott's List (1653):

Supposed Inconstancy.

Theatrical Provenance


Probable Genre(s)

Unknown. The title perhaps leans towards comedy among the unmarried rather than tragedy among the married.

Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues


References to the Play

None known.

Critical Commentary

"The only evidence for a play of this name is Marriott's entry in the Stationers' Register" (Bentley, 5.1416).

For What It's Worth

For discussion of Marriott's list as a whole, follow this link: Marriott's List (1653)

A google search for "supposed inconstancy" eloquently demonstrates how many works of literature revolve around this plot device.

It seems hard to make much further progress on this one.

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