Romeus and Julietta

Anon. (1615)

Historical Records

BL Sloane MS 1775, fos. 242r-50v

Sloane ms 1775 f242r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f242v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.242r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.242v.

Sloane ms 1775 f243r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f243v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.243r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.243v.

Sloane ms 1775 f244r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f244v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.244r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.244v.

Sloane ms 1775 f245r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f245v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.245r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.245v.

Sloane ms 1775 f246r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f246v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.246r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.246v.

Sloane ms 1775 f247r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f247v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.247r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.247v.

Sloane ms 1775 f248r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f248v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.248r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.248v.

Sloane ms 1775 f249r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f249v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.249r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.249v.

Sloane ms 1775 f250r.jpg Sloane ms 1775 f250v.jpg
BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.250r. BL Sloane MS 1775, fol.250v.

British Library MS Sloane 1775, fos. 242r-50v. Reproduced by permission of the British Library.


A transcription can be found in Axon's article for Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, 121-44, and is freely available via the Internet Archive.

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Works Cited

Axon, William E. A. "Romeo and Juliet Before and In Shakspere's Time". Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, 2nd series, 26 (1906), 100-44 (Internet Archive)

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