Knave in Print, or One for Another, A

William Rowley, date unknown (1622-5?)

Historical Records

From a long list of plays entered into the Stationers' Register by Humphrey Moseley on 9 September, 1653:

"The Foole without Booke
} by Wm: Rowley
A Knaue in Print, or One for another"

(S.R.2, 1:429; Greg, BEPD, 1:61; Bentley, 5:1022).

Theatrical Provenance

The theatrical provenance is unknown. Although F.G. Fleay stated that the play belonged to the King's Men in 1622-5 (2:207), he offered no evidence (see Bentley 5:1024-5).

Probable Genre(s)


Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

Although Rowley was payee for a court performance of a two-part play entitled The Knaves in 1613, there is no evidence that he wrote it, and Bentley thus states that "there is no adequate reason" to connect The Knaves with A Knave in Print (5:1024).

References to the Play

None known.

Critical Commentary

Bentley (5:1025) notes that Moseley's list contains a number of instances in which plays with alternative titles are in fact a "fraudulent entry of two different plays as one". He suggests therefore that One for Another may be a different play from A Knave in Print.

For What It's Worth

Works Cited

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