Italian Tragedy (Worcester's)

Wentworth Smith (1603)

Historical Records

F. 120 (Greg I.189)

pd at the apoyntment of thomas blackewod &
John lewen the 7 of marche 1602 vnto mr smythe
in earneste of & etalleyon tragedie the some of … } xxxxs

F. 120v (Greg I.190)

pd at the a poyntment of John lowine the 12 of
marche 1602 vnto mr smythe in fulle payment for
his tragedie called the etallyan tragedie
the some of … } iiijli

Theatrical Provenance

Henslowe purchased the play in full for Worcester's men; like other plays purchased on the eve of Queen Elizabeth's death and ensuing suspensions of playing because of plague, "The Italian Tragedy" has no recorded performances.

Probable Genre(s)

Tragedy (from the play title)

Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

Information Welcome.

References to the Play

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Critical Commentary

Fleay, without explanation, implied that Smith's "Italian Tragedy" was related to Henry Chettle's "Orphans Tragedy" (BCED).

Greg dismissed Fleay's identification of this play with Chettle's "Orphans Tragedy" and also with John Day's "Italian Tragedy" for the Admiral's men, which he (Greg) opines is the same as the "Orphans Tragedy"(Greg II.234, Item 279).

Wiggins, ignoring Fleay's and Greg's supposings, does not comment on possible narratives for the play (#1397).

For What It's Worth

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