Folger MS X.d.390, fol.2a


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Folger X.d.390, fol.2a. (CC BY-SA 4.0 licence; click image to view larger version).

(The following transcription is based on G. R. Proudfoot's in his Malone Society edition of "Five Dramatic Fragments," 61-63)

Eusebius Timotheus, Theophilus speaking
the rest, mute.
Wellcome my worthy ffreinde and much more deerly
ffor that you bring yor ffreinde & come so early
<w>here some vnciuilly wth slow repayre
Tyre their Inuiter and half marr the ffare
Tim. Wee came the sooner for our better leasure
of this yor pallace (wch for various pleasure,
as yf therein another Tempe grew,
wee heare is woundrous) to take ample view
Each place it's Owner's rich inuenting worth
well-witnessing & liuely setting forth
Eus. A pallace you shall see that serueth best
for such a king, to mee a litle nest
wch more Contentment to my mynd infuzeth
then what the greatest Prince for dwelling vseth
And if he reignes that lues to his desire
Then surely here I reigne, nor more aspire
But while the Mistres-Cooke prouydes our meate
and while the sun disperseth moderate heate
hauing not yet reachd his meridian hight
twere good methinks to recreate the sight
wth other obiects that more pleasing be
my Gardens may it please you walke to see
Tim. what! haue you more then this! for this is neate
and wondrous trim, in all thinges most complete
wch all that enter wth a pleasing face
seemes to salute & courteously embrace
Eus. Here therefore least the Houses aire offend
each gather floures & leaues, some pilipend
what others t<a>ke their sences to content
all lyking not alyke one kynd of sent
Then make yor Choises nor let any spare
<f..w..t here .s f.rb.dden ware>