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(The following transcription is based on Joseph Quincy Adams' in "The Author Plot of an Early Seventeenth Century Play," The Library, 4th ser., 26 (1945-46): 27.)

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Folger X.d.206, 3v (CC-BY-SA licence)
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[Act. 4.]

. . . . .Sc. 9.
Aristocles disguised (now Philocles) resolues a letter to Sua-
-vina that he is changed for his safety. <meet> Phonops coming
in P complayne's for want of an agent in ye future
work of Ascania. Philocles like a cast soldiers wants
imployment. being quaestion of his darings, answers any
thing: of his feare of ye Gods sayth he neuer saw any.
is entertayned of Phonops: and put to present vse.
told that Ascania must be kill'd. they study what
death: He aduiseth to putt her downe into a vast profound
hollownes which he describes toward ye seas side in ye
rocks there, but indeed ye priuate passage from ye
Sibyll's caue where eastward euery morn she makes
her orisons. itt is agreed.

. . . . .Sc. 10.
Ascania meditating in ye priuate walkes of her garden
Phonope with ye pas key and Philocles enter: cast a
hood over her and carry her away. Phonops bidd's
him gagge her and bind her: he warrants her and
leades her by ye two thumbes. leads her of ye
stage and brings her on againe. <vnco> tells her her
doome then vncovers her, discovereth himself and
palaceth her with ye Sibyll..

. . . . .S
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Act. 4.