Divorce, The

Anon. (1653)

Historical Records

Marriott's List (1653)

In late 1653, the printer Richard Marriott entered a group of twenty-one plays on the Stationers' Register. Among the titles is:

The Diuorse

Theatrical Provenance


Probable Genre(s)


Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

None known

References to the Play

None known

Critical Commentary

"The only evidence for the existence of a play of this name is Marriott's entry of the play in the Stationers' Register" (Bentley, 5.1321).

For discussion of Marriott's list, follow this link: Marriott's List (1653)

For What It's Worth

James Shirley's comedy The Wedding seems to have enjoyed considerable success in the Caroline theatre. Its first quarto in 1629 was followed by a second, in 1632, including a cast list for a production of it by Queen Henrietta's Men. While The Divorce is a perfectly intelligible play-title in its own right, it might well have seemed, to Caroline playgoers, if it were a Caroline play, to respond in some way to the title of Shirley's comedy.

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