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William Pavy (Pavye) appears in theater records due to the plot of "2 Fortune's Tennis." Greg assigned him to the part of Boniface in 1907 (Greg, Papers, APX. II, p. 154), but by 1931 he had changed his mind and identified Pavy with the part of Mauritius (p. 136, n.16). Nungezer identifies him with the "William Pavye" who died in September 1608 in St. Bodolph, Aldgate, and was entered in the register as "'one of ye princes players dwelling by the Mynoryes'" (p. 268). His widow received £50 from Edward Alleyn (or the company) following his death, according to Charles Massey in a letter to Alleyn in 1613 (Greg, Papers, MS. I.67, p. 64).

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