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Thomas Goodale was born in the mid-1550s, according to his depositions in a lawsuit in 1598 (where he gave his age as 42) and again in 1604 (where he gave his age as 45). His marriage in 1578/9 also supports a mid-1550s birth date (Eccles, pp. 455-6). In that same testimony, he identified himself as a mercer. However by 1581 he was making his living as a player. A prison record from the Counter in July 1581 names him as one of the players who was arrested for brawling with some men from the Inns of Court; Lord Berkeley took responsibility for their offense and sent the company into the provinces Chambers, ES, 2.103-4. The christenings and burials of his children in the parish of St. Bodolph Aldgate in the 1590s suggest that Goodale was working with a London-based company during those years. The current popular scholarly preference of assigning the plot of "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins" to the Chamberlain's men c. 1597 is the basis for identifying Goodale as a member of that company.

Family: Goodale married Alice Copland in St. Benet Fink in 1578/9 (Eccles, p. 455). The parish registers of Allhallows, London Wall identifies the following children who were christened or buried between 1584 and 1590: Jacob, Ambrose, Alice, Robert, and Camilla (Kathman, p. 24; Eccles, p. 455). Additional children were born when their parents lived in St. Leonard, Shoreditch, then St. Botolph Aldgate:

Thomas, christened at St. Leonard's in 1591; buried in 1593 in St. Botolph Aldgate (the burial record identifies the child as the son of Thomas Goodale, "a player dwelling in Mr Gaskings rents near the Flower de Luce in Houndsditch (Eccles, p. 455)


Lucius, Councillor ("Envy"); Phronesius, Messenger ("Sloth"), Julio ("Lechery"), "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins"
Messenger,Sir Thomas More

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