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Thomas Belt (Belte) was a boy player when he appears in the plot of "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins". Records of the Company of Grocers reveal that Belt was apprenticed to John Heminges, who was not only a guildsman but a leading player in the company of the Chamberlain's men. Belt was bound on 12 November 1595 for a term of nine years (Kathman, "Grocers," p. 8). Kathman suggests that Belt "may have been the son of a Norwich city wait (i.e., a municipal musician) of the same name who with his wife and children was expelled from Norwich on 16 November 1594, almost exactly a year before Heminges bound Belte" ("Grocers," p. 8).


Servant ("Induction"), Panthea ("Lechery") in "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins"

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