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Robert Pallant cannot be documented with a specific company of players until 1602, when he turns up in connection with Worcester's men. Henslowe's diary is the record of this connection: on 26 November 1602, Henslowe loaned "Xpofer beston & Robert palante" 40s. to pay a foursome of dramatists (John Day, Wentworth Smith, Richard Hathway, and a fourth "poete) on account for the script of The Black Dog of Newgate (Fol. 118). Though not mentioned in the entry, the company buying the play was Worcester's men, who had taken up the lease of the Rose on the 17th of August 1602 after the Admiral's men had moved north of the Thames to the Fortune playhouse in Middlesex. At this time, if not sooner, Pallant would have been a fellow of Thomas Heywood, to whose Apology for Actors he "contributed commendatory verses" (Nungezer, p. 163).

Eccles, searching cases in records of the King's Bench, found Pallant in London in the spring of 1599, at which time Robert Shawe (Shaa) (a player with the Admiral's men, having joined from the company of Pembroke's men in 1597) "sought sureties of the peace" against Pallant and Christopher Beeston (p. 299). Eccles deduces from these players' names that Pallant was "probably a Chamberlain's man" in 1599. Eccles deduces further that Pallant left the Chamberlain's men and Theater to join Beeston and Worcester's men when they leased the Boar's Head playhouse c. 1599.

Pallant remained with Worcester's men when the company acquired the patronage of Queen Anne in 1603. Subsequently he had brief affiliations with Lady Elizabeth's company and Prince Charles's men. Yet he maintained connections with Philip Henslowe, whom he visited on his deathbed; Henslowe recognized him and acknowledged the visit, saying "Thou art Robin Pallant, and I know thee well enough" (Eccles, 299). A burial record on 4 September 1619 in the register of St. Saviour's, Southwark, for a Robert Pallant is likely to be for this Robert Pallant (not his son, Robert).

Over the period when his children were christened and buried, Pallant lived in the parish of St. Savior's, Southwark. Those children included the following:

Robert. 18 September 1605
John, 24 August 1608
Ephraim, 1 January 1611 (buried 19 October 1611)
Hanburye, 3 July 1614 (buried 4 July 1614)


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