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Robert Gough (Go, Goffe), by virtue of his presence in the cast of "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins", was probably a member of the Chamberlain's men in the 1590s; he was certainly with the company when it became the King's men in 1603. Like several of his fellows, he had family ties with company members in addition to business: he married the sister (Elizabeth) of Augustine Phillips (who left her £10 in his will), and he was an apprentice, perhaps of Thomas Pope, for whose will he is joint legatee with John Edmans/Edmonds.

Like many of his fellows also, he lived in St. Saviour's parish, Shoreditch, at various addresses including Hill's Rents and Austin's Rents. The parish register records the following family events including his own burial:

  • Anne, christening, 11 December 1603
  • Elizabeth, christening, 30 May 1605
  • Nicholas, christening, 24 November 1608
  • Dorothy, christening, 10 February 1611; burial, 12 January 1613
  • Alexander, christening, 7 August 1614
  • Robert, burial, 19 February 1625


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