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Richard Darlowe appears as a player in the undated Plot of "Dead Man's Fortune." Nothing else is known of his career, but parish records indicate that he married Elizabeth Stokes in St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, on 25 January 1589/90; his children were born in St Botolph, Aldgate "in the garden aley being in the precinct nere the Tower hill" (Eccles, p. 45). By 1599 he had remarried, and his wife (Agnes, Ann) testified in February of that year that he had gone to France early in November 1598; another witness confirmed that claim, adding that he "went over to France to playe about a quarter of a yeare synce and doeth often times send over unto her [Ann] xxs and sometimes xxxs" (Eccles, pl 45). Eccles calculates that Darlowe returned from the continent c. April 1599 (based on the christening date of his son, John), adding that Agnes/Ann Darlowe "was a widow by Michaelas term 1599" (Eccles, p. 45). Darlowe would thus not have lived to see that son born.

Margaret, christened, 19 September 1595; buried, 21 May 1596
Jeane, christened 19 May 1598; buried 25 January 1599
John, christened 25 January 1600; buried 29 August 1601

Attendant, "The Dead Man's Fortune"

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