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John Holland turns up in several theatrical records, but very little is known of his personal life. The most solid evidence of his life as a player is his name in the plot of "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins" in connection with four roles (Kathman, p. 23). As Kathman argues, Holland's name both in the 1623 version of 2 Henry VI and in the manuscript of John of Bordeaux suggests an early association with members of the Chamberlain's men (perhaps even with Pembroke's men), but it is impossible for scholars to know when the written copies of those plays were made (pp. 23-4). Holland's will has not been located, but a phrase in the will of fellow Thomas Pope indicates that Holland was still living on 22 July 1603 (Pope mentioned Holland in a description of property adjoining his own house; that property, he wrote, is "that teniment adioyning to the west side of my saide dwelling hous: wher in Iohn holand now dwelleth" (Honigmann and Brock, p. 69).


Warder ("Induction"); Attendant, Soldier ("Envy"); Captain ("Sloth") in "The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins"
Asteroth, in John of Bordeaux
Rebel, in 2 Henry VI (1623)

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