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George Carey, Lord Hunsdon and Lord Chamberlain, had a house in London where at least once players under his patronage gave a play for a visiting dignitary, Louis Verreyken, a diplomat in the service of Archduke Albert. The documentation is provided by Rowland Whyte in a letter dated 8 March 1599/1600 and addressed to Sir Robert Sidney:

8 March 1599/1600: Letter from Rowland Whyte to Sir Robert Sidney (Collins, II. 174-6; esp. 175-6)

"All this Weeke the Lords haue bene in London, and past away the Tyme in Feasting and Plaies; for Vereiken dined on Wednesday, with my Lord Treasurer, who made hym a Roiall Dinner; vpon Thursday my Lord Chamberlain feasted hym, and made hym very great, and a delicate Dinner, and there in the After Noone his Plaiers acted, before Vereiken, Sir John Old Castell, to his great Contentment. This Day the Lords are going to Court. My Lord Harbert wil be here vpon Wednesday, he must be the honorable Instrument of much good to your Lordship, and I find your Lordship wilbe thoroughly delt withall vpon your Return, by 600 [i.e., the Earl of Nottingham] in the Matter I soe often mentioned vnto you; if yt bring you Honor, and Contentment to all Parties, I shall thinke my self happy to haue bene the first Motioner of yt." (signed "Baynards Castell, this Saturday, 8 of March 1599")


Collins, Arthur. Letters and Memorials of State, in the Reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, Part of the Reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's Usurpation. 2 vols. London: T. Osborne, 1746.

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