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George Chapman, 1559?-1634, was a scholar, poet, and playwright. As poet he is perhaps best known now for the addition to Christopher Marlowe's Hero and Leander; he also published translations of Homer such as Iliad, the first installment of which was published in 1598. In that same year, his name first appears in the memorandum book kept by Philip Henslowe at the Rose on his receipt of 40s. in earnest for a playbook in progress. In the same year, Chapman's play, The Blind Beggar of Alexandria, appeared in print. It had previously been among offerings by the Admiral's men ("ne" in February 1596). In 1598-9, Chapman wrote more plays for the Admiral's men, all of which are lost (see below). Of his surviving plays, the one with most notoriety is Eastward Ho, which he wrote with Ben Jonson and John Marston (1605).


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