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George Attewell, player, served as payee for the company of Lord Strange's men for performances at court on 17 December 1590 and 16 February 1591 (Chamber Accounts). By 1595 he appears to have joined a company of the Queen's men because he was one of severall signees on a loan from Philip Henslowe to his nephew, Francis, expressly for Francis to buy into the Queen's company. In 1595 Attewell was living in St. Saviour's Southwark, a fact that led William Ingram to associate Attewell, Francis Henslowe, and their company with the opening of the Swan playhouse in late summer or fall of that year (118-20). Mark Eccles connects Attewell as writer, player, or both with a 1595 jig called "Attowell's Jig" in manuscript and Mr. Attowell's Jigge betweene Francis a Gentleman, Richard a Farmer, and their wives in print (Nungezer gives the jig to Hugh Attewell [24]). Nungezer mentions the death of a "Mr. Otwell" in St. Saviour's Close in 1599; but according to Eccles, "Attewell died in 1598, for his widow Catherine was granted administration of the goods of George Attywell of St. Leoanard, Shoreditch" (39).

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