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The Children of Windsor first appear in theater records in 1567 under the direction of Richard Farrant. Farrant "began a series of plays given at court by the 'Children of Windsor' ..., which was continued at Shrovetide 1568" Chambers, ES, 2.63). These plays continued, one a year at Shrovetide, to 27 December 1575. By 1576-7, Farrant had become Master of the Chapel, and the company is designated "Children of Windsor and the Chapel. According to Chambers, it is unclear "[w]hether boys from Windsor continued to take a share in the performances by the Chapel during 1577-8, 1578-9, and 1579-80, for all of which Farrant was payee" (ES, 2.63).

Nathaniel Giles became Master after Farrant (date uncertain). A document survives of Giles' indenture, but its date (1 October '37 Eliz.', i.e., 1595) appears wrong. Accepted as fact, however, are details in the document, including Giles' being "Instructor and Master of the ten Children or Choristers of the same ffree Chappell" (Chambers, ES, 64).

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