Albion Knight C4v transcription

That I am shamed to turne again to Albyon
And when this message thou hast done soberly
Tell hym thy name is Polysy.
Diuisiō ¶What the deuill menest thou by that
Shuld I decemble from a wyld cat
That euer before thys haue bled patchyng
And now to play the wise man, & leaue scratching.
Iniuri. ¶Why horson it is a poynt of hye madnes
For a tyme to desemble sadnes,
And though thou be all redy as mad as a harte
yet will I make thee madder then thou arte
Diuisiō ¶Well say on then.
Iniuri. ¶Mary then euen thus I say
When that to Albion thou hast taken thy way
And done thy message as I thee bad
He wyll for a while be pensife and sad
And hee will aske thyne aduise
Then must thou dissemble thy self wyse.
Diuisiō. ¶I make god a bowe that is unpossyable
That I and wysdome shuld knyt in one quyneble
Or in my braine to print such abusyon
That wysdome and I shuld be in one conclusion
For when I was yonge my mother charged mee
And said beware wyt son though thou neuer thee.
Iniuri. ¶& I am not disposed to chaunge much your lyue
But here me speke an end though you neuer thriue
Diuisiō. ¶Well say on then and tell mee what counsell
I shall giue Albion that may sound well
To both our profits that wolde I know.
Iniuri. ¶Thou shalt teche him a wronge crosse row
And tell him best it is after thine aduise
With myrth and Prodigalitie him to exercyse
And take of his owne good while he maye
Lest all at last be brybid awaye