Albion Knight C4r transcription

Which parte at nede shall bere hym out
So that for my part he shall stand styll
While I ronne at large and haue all my wyll.
¶But to what conclusion wylt thoy bryng it then Diuisiō.
¶Why knowest not thou, then harke me man Iniuri.
This Justice is a felow of a farr cast
And dryueth such dryftes to rule all at the last
And Peace is hys brother of one degree
Which hath a fayre doughter that is called plentie
And Albion as longe as rest him treates
He loueth fayre flesh of all meates
And it is a comen saieng that Justice Peace & hee
Will conclude a maryage with fayre Dame plentie
And then wyll Albyon that olde soot
With rest and peace so on her doot
That than shee by her and her freindes
Shall sayle in storines at all wyndes.
¶By gods bread thou sayest trouth Diusiō.
But this to help we must not use slouth.
¶No, and therfore harke me to an ende Iniuri.
Thou and I shall thys matter defende
For thou shalt to Albyon a messenger bee
And say thou were present when principalitie
With Justyce fell at great debate
When that his message he dyd delate
From Albiō, & tel him that principalitie in no wyse
His will with equytie will graunt to exercyse
But that the law shuld be but after his lykyng
And euery wryt after his entytelyng
And that his will who euer lyst to stryfe
Shuld be the best part for hys prerogatyfe
And than they beth sadeinly uppon thys
In great rages departed iwys
Wherfore Justice said I am in such confusyon