Albion Knight C3v transcription

To haue the gouernaunce about principalytie
Sythen they inheritoures are borne to bee
Of the hye counsel by blood and dygnytie
Which medycyne I trow wyll not lyghe starte
Till it hath tyckled them all by the harte
Then shall the same spye taste the other parte
And turne to them the wronge side of the carte
And say that god of his hye great grace
To them hath geuen good fortune and space
By lerning sadnes and grauitie
And for theyr due reward in honour to bee
And bere to them boldly in hand
That they ought to reason to rule thys land
Because the powre of temporaltie
hath no knowledge in conning perdie
Neyther in youth will labour the passage
Of paine for vertue to rule in age
So that if they rulers wold bee
They know not how, for in suffiycientie
Thus will I deuide by thys proper trayne
That peace amongst them shall not rayne.
Iniuri. ¶Mary thus is a cast of a new horse combe
To rub any on the nauyll that hath a tickle wōbe
This gere will worke after my fantasye
To make of an olde grudge a new frenesie
And this openeth the gate euen for mee
That both the one and the other degree
Shall wrastle with them selfe in such afflictions
That euerychone shal disdaine at other iuristicti
Diuisiō ¶What wilt thou do thē let me here thy cast (ons
Iniuri. ¶This gentle sede will I sowe at the last
When peace by thee is in perplexitie
And wote not in what parte quyet to bee
Then Justice must euer be in doubt