Albion Knight C3r transcription

¶What shall they use in their deuise. Iniuri.
¶The one to principalytie shall surmyse Diuisiō.
That the comons hartes do aryse
Against hym, when that he doth aske
In tyme of neede, our money for taske,
His harte to moove with suche unkyndnes.
Then the same spye shall use lyke doublenes
And go to the comons and to them tell
That Principalytie with equtie doth rebell
More to hys lucre in euerie deale
Applyeng his affection then to the comen weale
And how that he of neglygence
Doth not apply for theyr Defence,
Neither by Sea nor by londe
Neither by hye wayes, neither by stronde
But theues and raueners and murderers eke
Dayly true men they pursue and seke
And that his lawes indifferently
Be not bled, but maintenaunce and brybery
Is suffred alone without reformacion
That the poore comons is in altercation
Of this matter and wote not what to say
Bringing them in opinion yt they ought not to pay
To pryncypalytie theyr deuty of uery desarte
Except lyk deutie be mynistred on hys parte.
¶I make god a bowe this is a souerayn bayte Iniuri.
To brynge our purpose to a narow strayte
But what shall the other spye then do
A felow shyp tell me that also.
¶Mary he shall enfourine the lordes temporall Diuisiō.
That the spyrytuail men wolde rule all
And saye it were shame to them by the rood
that ben dyscended from the noble blood
To suffre any other of such powre to bee