Albion Knight C2v transcription

Theyr mynde is to brynge us both to confusyon.
Diuisiō ¶I pray thee by what meane.
Iniuri. ¶Albyon hath lent Justyce to Pryncypaltie
To haue assystence, and mee to suffreyntie
Of the Lordes temporall to haue theyr ayde
That Justyce in no wyse shuld be delayde.
And this thou knowest well inough perdye
Thus they meane to destroy thee and mee
And as for Justyce foorth is gone
Speede as he can, but I taryd alone
And yet I wolde no messenger bee
Tyll I had the advyce of thee
Therfore how sayest thou now in thys case
Wee shall not be idle to play at thys bace.
Diuisiō. ¶Tush as for this I care not a puddyng pryck
For wee two wyll go torow thyn and thycke
Maygresse theyr heades euerychone
Though they be as harde as rocke or stone
Iniury ¶I pray thee tell mee howe
Diuisiō. ¶Fyrst I my selfe wyll enterpryse
That peace shall haue no exersyse
Betweene the comons and Pryncypalytie
Nor betweene lords spiritual & lords of the tempo⸗
Iniuri ¶Or yu go any further tel me by what mene (raltie
Diuisiō. ¶I haue two spyes of great exercyse
The one is called Double Deuyce
Aym wyll I fende I may tell thee
Unto the court to Pryncypalytye,
And hym wyll I charge that wyth hys prouisyon
Pryncypalytye and the comons to set at dyuysyon
The seconde spye is called olde debate
A synguler felow with a ballyd pate
Aym wyll I fend to the lordes spirituall
To cause them to wrangle wt the lords temporall.