Albion Knight C2r transcription

¶What horson woldest thou have mee Diuisy
Be trussed up in stede of thee on.
¶ye by god, but euen for a saye Iniury
That I might lerne of you to know the playe.
¶To play horson, what menist thou by that diuisiō.
¶By god me thought euen now ye were in a snare Iniuri.
Or els an huntyng to catche an hare
But harke I say, do togither and spell
Beware euer amonge of the frery clarkes bell.
¶It is doubtfull to me all that thou spekest Diuisy
I pray thee spell it thyself & tell me what thou me⸗ on.
¶But woldest thou nedes to fayne know it (nest Iniuri.
I tell thee with Albion and Justyce I am knyt
Therfore it were wysdome for thee
To beware what thou sayest before mee
¶What horeson then thou hast forsaken mee. Diuisiō.
¶Nay I had leuer ye were skynned all three Iniuri.
For I haue turned the wronge syde of my hode
And tolde them my name was manhode
And now by god in any wyle
For both our eases I must haue thyne aduyse.
¶What hast thou now chaunged thyne olde copy. Diuisiō.
To Justyce and Albion to be a comen hoby,
Or art thou a ferde of thy olde name
That in euery place is had in fame
And is supported in such suffrentie
From the lowest unto the hyest Degree.
¶Nay by god I was not aferd Iniuri.
It was but for to claw theyr berde
Or rub it of all that they ment
That I myght know all theyr intent
Wherof the matter is to longe to tell
For the tyme that we dyd mell
But shortly to them thee for a conclusyon.