Albion Knight C1v transcription

A Boore with a tuske
A sturdie Luske
     Any battaile to detaine
A stalyon stoute
To beare it oute
     In euery wheare,
And neuer to Loute
For a knaues cloute
     though my hed it beare.
As styffe as a stake
Battayle to make
     As neuer aferde.
I can awake
These knaues and take
     Them fast by the berde,
For Peace is bent
Nor full intent
     To lyue at ease,
Shall not preuent
Let of my iudgement
     To alter in dysease
Such ca[?] I haue
To coniure a knaue
     Out of his skynue,
Though Justyce caue
To hange or saue
     Fye on hym horson.
          Here cometh iniury in agayn.
Iniuri. ¶Mary fye on hym horeson
What art thou mad agayne.
Diuisy ¶What myne olde friende Iniury
How were other hanged and thou let go by.
Iniury ¶By god because I tooke delaye
For lacke of thee to bee myne atturneye.