Albion Knight C1r transcription

Now lyk a Lorde this fellow stere can
The lawe to defend without a fall
For all theyr pledgyng in Westminster hall,
Or lay what they wyll and bable there
yet mayntenaunce and I wyll kepe the chere
If it come once to the countree
Then as I wyll so shall it bee
A very cause syrs why I hyde my name
Was, they shuld not suspect my fame
Because I wolde spy all theyr intent
To chaunge theyr purpose after my iudgement
And so wyll I do, for thys is theyr pretence
By meane of Justice to brynge in experyence
That peace shuld continew the people amonge
And so by that meane to banysh mee wronge
But trust me syrs I wyll none of that
But rather by theyr faces I wyll them scrat
And mee to mayntain in this opynion
I haue an olde mate called Dyuycion
That shalbe of my counsayle in thys case
Whych I trust wyll not turne hys face
Tyll Peace be dryuen clene from Albyon
And then let Justyce and mee alone
For I trust or he and I haue done
He shall go whystle in a mary bone
As for any ryghtfull iudgement
That after this shall folow hys intent
And now syrs will I goo my waye
My felow to seke, fynde him if I may
     Here iniury goeth out, & then Diuilion cometh,
     in with a byll, a sword, a buckler, & a dagger.
¶Haue in the ruske
Out of the buske
     A lustye Captayne,